VMware NSX-T 2.1 add supports for Kubernetes


As noted by many industry veterans ,there is real need of matured network virtualization product in the container space.There are many opensource projects which has seen tremendous success in recent years like OPen daylight,Open contrail and ONOS. With all respect to the contributes of these solution there exists a big gap in the product maturity .We still see hesitance from major enterprise players or telecom providers to go all in to these solution s.Most of them are scared about the product stability support and other reason such as integration to theor existing environment.

At the same time in few years VMware NSX has become a highly successful product so successful that it has given long term networking giant Cisco a run for its money through its innovative network virtualization solutions.

Given the adoption of DevOps in IT ,automation is a critical piece which every Infrastructure managers trying to take head on with. For a true infrastructure automation setup ,network virtualization is a must.Considering all these factors VMware decision to support and integrate with Kubernetes is a great move which will increase NSX adoption rate with opensource projects.

Hope we will continued support for this initiative from VMware .

I will be starting a new blog series for Kubernetes Integration with VMware soon. 




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