VMware NSX Controller is now Photon OS



A welcome improvement from VMware as they changes controller OS which was based on Photon OS.

Photon OS is a light weight Linux operating system .The need for such light weight system has been quite evident as the container technologies began to mature ,more and more developers are now developing and building their applications in container formats like Docker ,Rkt etc .

When we say Docker the main argument comes along with that is it is really the next step of evolution from Virtual Machines.The container craze is going so fast that VMware find itself in defensive position some times.

Given the mature SDDC frame work which VMware has i believe VMware is in a great position to take advantage of these recent developments in the infrastructure space.

NSX-T is where VMware sees its future and given the pace at which container technology and private cloud is growing there is a really well defined space for a mature networking product .Bu as with other open source technologies developers would definitenly love to see VMware products gets integrated seamlessly with other tools .

VMware slowly integrating Photon OS into some of its core offerings is really a well minded strategic move.

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