Monitoring OpenvSwitch Ports


tcpdump is a valuable tool for all network admins , when used with openvswitch this can be a cool combination.Monitoring of OVS cannot be done through normal tcpdump commands since it is a virtual port.I will brief about how to monitor ovs ports using tcpdump
Create a monitoring port

ovs-vsctl add-port <bridge-name> mon0

Add a Mirror port to replicate the traffic.

ovs-vsctl --- set Bridge <bridge-name> mirrors=@m --- --id=@mon0 \
get Port mon0 --- --id=@<port-name> get Port <port-name> \
--- --id=@m create Mirror name=mymirror select-dst-port=@<port-name> \
select-src-port=@<port-name> output-port=@mon0 select_all=1
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