Sreejith Keeriyattil


I am a passionate and an avid follower of latest technologies.Believes that entire IT stack should augment business values.A voracious reader of blogs and technical websites, on a personal front I love watching TV series, reading fiction ( Loves Stephen King and Stieg Larsson) and a huge football fan.Excited to live in an era of thriving technological progress.

Expert in designing Application Infrastructure requirements based on three pillars Compute, Network and Storage on Public/Private Cloud, Traditional Datacenter etc, in short, my design approach is diverse but not limited to

Private Cloud- Openstack, Cloud Stack
Public Cloud- AWS

Compute- VMware, KVM Xen , Hyper-V

Software Defined Storage- OpenStack Swift, Cinder, Ceph.
Software Defined Network- VMware NSX, OpenStack Neutron

Automation as a whole makes the IT operations more scalable and reliable.Continuous integration and Delivery model delivers pain-free software release models.Worked on CII/CD stack.

Servers automation- OpenStack Heat, Redhat Ansible.

My motto - the nd result of an IT infrastructure design/solution should be scalable, reliable and secure IT stack where the business application lives without worrying about underlying infrastructure .